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Iowa Consumable Hemp and CBD Processor

GlacierPak is proud to serve as a processor, provider and maker of private label and white label regulated hemp and CBD consumable products for the state of Iowa.

Let's Create Products for the Iowa CBD and Hemp Market Together

At GlacierPak, we are pleased to process and make regulated hemp and CBD consumables for sale in the state of Iowa. Our team has successfully completed the registration process with Iowa HHS, ensuring that we meet all state regulations to provide top-quality private label and white label CBD and hemp products.

We offer a wide range of products, including CBD and hemp softgels, topicals, gummies, and tinctures. Our commitment to compliance guarantees that every product we produce adheres to Iowa's stringent guidelines, providing our clients with safe, effective, and high-quality consumables.

Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team are dedicated to delivering exceptional products that cater to the growing demand for CBD and hemp-based solutions. Whether you are looking to create your own brand or expand your existing product line, GlacierPak is here to support your journey with our expertise in manufacturing and regulatory compliance.

What does Iowa consider Consumable Hemp?

"A hemp product is an item derived from or made by processing hemp or parts of hemp. Consumable hemp is a liquid or solid hemp product intended to be introduced into the human body by ingestion or internal absorption, including but not limited to: food, chew or snuff, oils and lotions, and hemp processed or otherwise manufactured, marketed, sold, or distributed as food (e.g., "gummies"), a food additive, a dietary supplement, or a drug."

- Iowa Health and Human Services

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Which hemp and CBD products are you unable to produce for sale in Iowa?

"Consumable hemp products do not include those intended to be introduced into the human body by any method of inhalation...

Animal products as well as products marketed or intended to “cure, treat, mitigate, prevent disease, or affect the function of the human body,” including products marketed as over-the-counter medication, are also prohibited. Additionally, consumable hemp products manufactured or sold in Iowa must contain 0.3% or less total THC to be legal."

- Iowa Health and Human Services


Contact Us

Berthoud, CO 80513

Are you interested in exploring our capabilities as a producer of CBD and nutraceutical products, or do you require further information? Our team is eager to address any inquiries you may have.


Feel free to reach out to us at any time—we're here to help!


(970) 966-5778

Setting the Standard

As a producer specializing in CBD and nutraceutical products, we prioritize setting industry standards. With our commitment to maintaining cGMPs, operating from an FDA-registered facility, and being a USDA Organic product producer, we ensure the highest quality and safety for our products. Additionally, we are licensed with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

FDA registered CBD Manufacturer
CBD GMP Certified Manufacturer
Certified Organic CBD products
CBD Manufacturer Licensed in Colorado
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